I am an attorney at Stern Shapiro Weissberg & Garin LLP, specializing in publishing, entertainment, copyright, trademark and other intellectual property law, and have a background in nonprofit organizations law. My clients include individuals, colleges and universities, 501(c)(3) charities, and corporations. See my official firm bio here.

I am also a literary agent in the Boston office of Kneerim, Williams & Bloom. While the majority of the writers I represent are nonfiction writers — journalists, physicians, and professionals in their fields — as a former English major I am also always looking for a wonderful story in the form of literary or up-market fiction. My agency bio is here.

Before I went to law school, I was a journalist for nearly 10 years. I still contribute to publications on a freelance basis, and I enjoy writing and speaking publicly about the publishing industry and the intersection between the law and publishing. I also write and speak and opine on matters related to the legal profession — and particularly the role of women and mothers (“Lawyer Moms” I call them). If you’d like a quotation on the publishing industry, legal issues related to publishing, women in the law, or what it is like to have 12 careers before attending law school — or if you would like to ask me to speak to your writer’s conference, school or organization, please contact me at beaumont “at” kwblit.com.

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