Who are you? I’m a publishing/entertainment/intellectual property lawyer and a literary agent. See more on the “About” page.

Why do you have this blog? I am committed to the two industries and professions in which I work — publishing and the law — and I am particularly interested in the ways they overlap, influence, and even vex each other. But there are lots of other topics that fascinate (consume, even) me, and about which I could talk your ear off, including: the role of women in bot the professional/legal world, psychology, fashion, celebrity gossip, current events, motherhood, design and décor, politics, wine, and travel. I want to discuss them all. In short: I sometimes feel a bit ADD, and this is my outlet. (If you’re a Myers-Briggs type ENFP, you’ll understand!)

How do I submit a manuscript? What are your requirements? Our agency doesn’t really have mandatory submission requirements, other than that you may only submit to one agent at the agency. Personally, I prefer a short query letter with five or 10 pages of your manuscript inserted as text below the query. Because I receive dozens and dozens of unsolicited manuscripts per week, I’m often unable to follow up directly unless I request a manuscript. If you’d like to submit a manuscript, email it to beaumont “at” kwblit.com — make sure to put “QUERY” in the subject line.

I need a legal consult. What are your rates? Please email me at kbeaumont “at” sswg.com.

How did you get to be both a lawyer and an agent? Before law school I was also: a high school English teacher, a journalist, a barista, a waitress, a yoga instructor, and a wine store employee. You never know how one job will lead to the next, and I kept meeting people and networking like crazy since the day I graduated from college. After law school, I knew I didn’t want to leave my years in the publishing world behind, and I kept those contacts current until this particular opportunity came along.

Are you hiring interns? If you would like to intern for the literary agency, please email lucy “at” kwblit.com.

Will you speak to my class or organization or writer’s conference? Sure! Send me an email with the details.

Are you on Twitter? What is this, 2002? Follow me @kblitlaw

What’s your favorite book? That’s like picking a favorite child, etc. etc.

Do you have a life? I do. I love Italian red wine and a long run to a playlist of top-40 music. I laugh and cook with friends. I read a lot of celebrity gossip magazines. I’m addicted to House Hunters International.

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