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Friday Five: What I’m…

Reading: (Or, more accurately, read — the past-tense — as I devoured it) The Hive by Gill Hornby. A snarky, funny, yet poignant story of the friendships you make almost by default when your children start school.

Watching:  Broadchurch on BBC America. Like a good Maisie Dobbs mystery, I’m hooked on British policewomen and picturesque English towns with a dark side.

:  Last of the summer tomatoes. This recipe is adapted from the cookbook Time for Dinner, and is really this easy: Fresh chopped tomatoes (use a knife if you must, but squishing with hands OK too), chopped garlic, basil leaves, salt, pepper in a bowl. Pour hot pasta over to cover tomatoes and cook them slightly for about two minutes. Toss. Throw on some olive oil and cheese if you want (I always want).

Doing:  Early fall weekends seem to be filled with soccer and birthday parties.


Wearing: Oops


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